HVAC Controls for Office Buildings

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Energy Managment Life Cycle

When discussing energy solutions with clients or potential clients, several questions always seem to rise to the forefront for any owner or facility manager. How can we reduce our current carbon footprint? How much in savings will we see? Will there be an impact to my tenant comfort? Will my building operate efficiently and optimally? What impact will these energy solutions have on overall costs associated with maintenance and equipment life? All of these are legitimate concerns owners and maintenance managers are facing in a quickly changing workplace environment.

The first step in this process to shift the focus from initial cost mentality and move toward the return oninvestment. Secondly, by partnering with a company which has a proven track record in HVAC controls, electrical controls, lighting controls, Building Automation Systems, Daylight Harvesting, and more, we take on the challenge of simplifying the complexity of your challenges within the facility. Lastly, by providing the “dashboard” for your facility, we can also assist in bringing your building online or bring disparate systems together for a smoothly operating and energy efficient building.

Energy Dashboard

For more than 35 years, Dynamic Controls Inc. has been a leader in partnering with owners, facility managers and general contractors to ensure that all of your building systems work together to meet your goals. We often say, "work with a partner, don't just hire a contractor." Building integration is a long term proposition which involves the important systems inside your facility creating a sustainable internal and external environment.

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