Reducing the carbon footprint in your intelligent building makes you the smart one.

As our local communities have become more globalized, there has been an escalation in the amount of pressure being placed on businesses and governments to reduce the amount of green-house gasses, while simultaneously reducing building energy consumption. Proactive organizations need a strategy to be good stewards of our natural and man-made resources and a partner who can deliver those goals.

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Sustainability in your organization may be driven by any number of factors including, the desire for LEED certification, the potential for higher profitability due to lower operating costs, improving indoor air quality (IAQ) for tenants, having a resolute focus on doing the right things environmentally, or any combination of ideals. Regardless of your organizations motivation(s), having a Building Automation Solution with the proper control systems can significantly move your organization in the right direction to achieving those goals now and for the duration of your building life cycle.

At Dynamic Controls Inc. we have more than 35 years working with building owners, property managers, municipalities, power generation and transmission companies and more in the area of Sustainability - LEED. We have developed comprehensive sustainability programs finding ways to improve energy efficiency, lower operational and maintenance overhead, and ultimately provide for better tenant comfort while reducing the carbon footprint.

As a true systems integrator, Dynamic Controls Inc. has been at the forefront of BACnet® standards ensuring all systems for HVAC, access control, lighting control, fire detection and all associated equipment communicate on a standardized open platform with one another. HVAC alone, typically accounts for 30% of a buildings energy consumption. As such it is imperative for decision makers to partner with a systems integrator with the experience to first, understand your goals and challenges, and then provide you with a program of reduced energy usage, improved cost controls and an overall better tenant environment.

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