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Access Control, Video Surveillance, and Building Security Solutions 

Building security goes beyond the traditional front desk guard these days. As a true integrator, Dynamic Controls Inc. takes a collaborative approach to building security by focusing on the three most critical aspects of your project--design, installation and operation. Ultimately, intelligent building security is about risk mitigation, life-safety, access control, and owner responsibility. It only takes one security breach with the wrong outcome to become another news story.

Emergency CallIntrusion takes many forms, from someone physically trying to enter a building to electronic intrusion of a network. It is important that any organization have a multi-pronged, well balanced security plan from the outset, to eliminate both. A well-balanced security plan will include the size of the facility, the impact of an intrusion or security breach, installation costs and on-going operational costs.

The design, installation and ongoing operations will consider such factors as controlling and monitoring physical human access, including card access, keypad access, biometric access, door locking hardware, mass notification and more. Video surveillance and CCTV offer a second layer of physical building security.

Corporate Security and Surveillance SystemsAdditionally, no plan would be complete without preventing unauthorized access to devices and networks and the information they contain. With more telecommuting and wireless access, designing, installing and operating a building requires a sophisticated knowledge regarding network access points, controlling access through multiple firewalls, managing users, restricting remote access and then installing the proper devices with the proper encryption support.

Dynamic Controls Inc. fully understands the issues facing building owners, property managers, security companies, and facility managers. Our staff has the technical knowledge and skills to maximize your existing technology investments. We understand how to create cost-effective solutions that make good business sense. When you need a complete security solution, let us help you with a security system that puts it all together.

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