Service and Maintenance

Service, first and foremost, is about Trust.

In today's business environment, it can be quite costly to service and maintain a facility or campus. With all of the effort and costs put into constructing a facility, it only makes sense that owners as well as facility and property managers have a long term plan and place as much emphasis on servicing and maintaining those buildings as were put into construction. In existing and aging buildings, there are often times disparate systems running as efficiently as possible. Having technicians properly trained on all of the different systems can provide unnerving costs, and downtime.

This is where Dynamic Controls Inc. shines.

Man Working on WiresService, first and foremost, is about trust. Owners and managers must have a profound amount of trust in employees as well as service provider partners. At Dynamic Controls Inc, we understand trust is earned, as well as maintained, through consistent performance in the field and in dealing with service provider management.

At Dynamic Controls we:

Provide customized solutions and service which fit the customer needs.

  • We work with Clients to identify their in house expertise and ability to operate, service and maintain the systems we’ve provided in their facilities.

Do not require service agreements.

Offer a free analysis of your existing service and maintenance agreement to ensure you are receiving fair value for your agreement.

Offers service 24 hours 7 days a weeks

Provide proactive systems maintenance training for property managers.

Wires BeingTested

Beyond trust, however, is confidence. Our mantra is that confidence is gained by providing dynamic solutions to sophisticated challenges and responding to the client immediately. This is what separates us from other local, national and global integrators.

Dynamic Controls Inc. has the capability to bring multiple maintenance contracts and costs under control through one service plan. Our technicians are properly trained on a significant number of systems and our clients have experienced results showing improvements in efficiency, increased cost control and profitability, improved safety records, reduced down times, extending the life of equipment, and long term peace of mind.

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