Systems Integration for Labs and Research FacilitiesDynamic Controls, Inc has extensive experience designing, installing and fully supporting systems integration in laboratory and research facilities.

IP Based Systems for labs and research facilities

Like most things in the world of construction, a new model of laboratory design and construction is emerging. Creating lab environments which are responsive and responsible, as well as capable of accommodating future demands, are being driven by several key needs including:

  • Creating “social buildings” which foster interaction and team based research;
  • The need to achieve an appropriate balance between open and closed labs;
  • The need for flexibility to accommodate change;
  • The need to design for technology to provide access to electronic communications systems and security throughout the building has immense implications on lab design;
  • The need for environmental sustainability including temperature control, fume control, air-flow control, pressure monitoring and more;
  • The need to develop science parks which facilitate partnerships between government, private-sector industry, and the academic world.

The intricacy and sheer

amount of systems required for a lab or research facility to operate

Temperature controls for labs and research facilities


  • Low voltage requirements, MEP demands, drop-downs to lab desk’s and tables
  • Safety requirements necessary to ensure a safe operating environment
  • Security of all systems, communications, voice/data, temperature control and redundancy on all refrigeration.

The only thing constant is that things WILL change. Having a partner who understands the laboratory environment, has experience building in this environment and is a TRUE integrator will not only make your latest project a success but will take into account your future endeavors.


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