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Data Center Security Systems

The threats facing our federal, state and local municipal government intelligence and buildings has never been higher. Government buildings and occupants are targets for mass casualty. Government networks are daily, favorite, targets in the cyber world. Hackers are attempting to gain access to everything from military information, to information the Intelligence community has, to civilian information such as personal tax records, for the sole purpose of identity theft. Protecting your people and your network intelligence is a critical component to your infrastructure on both the human and IP levels. In addition, you are still expected to maintain tenant comfort, energy efficiency, and capital expenditures and budgets.

Going beyond the built environment, security threats to critical infrastructure such as airports, ports, and other mass transit systems must be considered. In the transportation markets there is no room for error. From disrupted operations, to compromised assets, to all of our homeland security needs, maintaining a secure transportation environment is crucial and complicated.


Security & Surveillance for Government Facilities

For more than 35 years, Dynamic Controls Inc. has been a leader in providing Building Automation Solutions, campus and building security, and network data security. We have the experience and knowledge of what it takes to work in some of the most sensitive environments in the world. As a Schneider Electric partner, we also have the capability to provide world class solutions to some of the most challenging and complex needs imaginable. Our mantra is to bring our client partners intelligent solutions providing maximum security and efficiency. Our turnkey solutions include system design and engineering, intrusion control, visitor management, intercom solutions, biometrics, elevator controls and surveillance, building management solutions, energy management, building analytics, power management, lighting controls, network and data security and much more.

When your security is of critical importance, make the same decision many other agencies already have. Contact Dynamic Controls Inc. today.

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